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Classes and Coaching

Skype Coaching and Private Coaching - Audition help, on-set coaching, character building and monologue study. For more info email above.
NYC Workshop

Acting Workshop

4 hour workshop, Saturday, June 11, 2016, 10 am - 2 pm TBD

The basic principles of acting translate from stage to screen, but there are skills and knowledge that are specific to the craft of acting for the camera or the stage. Elizabeth explores with students the necessary acting techniques and elements that must be practiced and understood to help them achieve their best performances. Each student is introduced to the technique of Method Acting. Learning and/or applying relaxation, and Sense Memory exercises will help the actor make choices for their auditions or perforamce. For more info see below under "Acting as a Creative Art".

Acting as a Creative Art

As a painter prepares a canvas or a musician tunes his instrument so must the actor prepare to create art. This class will help the actor prepare to maintain a consistent emotional through-line from scene to scene, even while shooting out of sequence. This workshop will consist of: A cold reading technique, on camera cold readings, critique, Relaxation, and Sense Memory exercises and more depending on time. Such as improvisations, and monologue coaching. Elizabeth's instruction is based on her studies with Sonia Moore of "The American Stanislavski Theater," with Sharon Chatten of "The Actors Studio", in NYC, and her work as a professional actor in Theater and Film.

Elizabeth D'Onofrio