About Us

Elizabeth D’Onofrio gives a quality dance program that has a solid groundwork in method while empowering imaginative development. The program offers an assorted educational plan incorporating many dance sorts. The devoted understudy has the potential chance to turn into a balanced proficient artist.

Our Philosophy

We accept that our understudies ought to gain proficiency with the craft of dance instead of only an everyday practice. Legitimate preparation, behavior and discipline will give them the appropriate establishment.

We Welcome Every in Our Studio

Lower feelings of anxiety

Dance can unbelievably unwind. The cadenced music as well as monotonous developments are practically thoughtful in nature. Individuals who dance consistently have lower feelings of anxiety and are better at overseeing tough spots.

The discipline and constancy expected to dominate any dance structure is likewise instrumental in aiding understudies ace and defeat regular pressure. Try not to blindly trust us notwithstanding, come for you and perceive how loosening up it tends to be to abandon your concerns dance your heart out.

Expanded certainty

Toward the start of your moving vocation or side interest, anxiety in front of large audiences can be something undeniable. In any case, when you vanquish these feelings of dread and conquered the internal pundit that inquires “Who am I to find success at something like dance?”; you will rapidly understand that this mentality of development can be applied to numerous different circumstances in reality too. When you figure out how to carry your recently discovered certainty to day to day challenges, anything is possible.

Feeling that you belong!

It isn’t extraordinary for your dance family to turn into your cheer driving crew, your psychotherapist and your closest companion moved into one. There is simply something so healthy about moving to similar moves with another person that unites individuals.

We have seen this on numerous occasions in our dance classes that total outsiders with apparently nothing in like manner can meet up, dance together and find shared conviction with one another over the long haul.

Newly Renovated Studio

Welcome to our fully renovated studio. Our sidings and roof have been cleaned and fix, after being damaged from heavy rains. The studio is fully air conditioned and with floor-length mirrors to help see yourself.